The Mission

Two Weeks
One Mobile App
Many Platforms

The Mutually Human team will be spending the next two weeks working after-hours to develop a mobile version of Inspire, the clean, affordable CRM software for non-profits.  Teams are generally made up of two developers and a designer.  Each team is assigned to a platform.

The Mobile App Challenge was created by Zach Dennis to solve a few good problems.

First, Inspire’s customers began requesting a mobile version, making it easier to add and find contacts while out in the world, away from their computer.  Mutually Human is currently at capacity with client work, but this perfectly sensible request from our product subscribers could neither be ignored nor delayed.

Second, internal retrospectives revealed a common desire to get more experience developing for mobile platforms.  This is more challenging than it seems, as there are not currently many opportunities for going mobile in client work, yet the solitary, after-hours pursuit of a single developer doesn’t yield the same educational benefits as working with a team.

To that end, team members also expressed a desire to break their regular patterns and partner with people they don’t normally work with.  It’s easy to fall into the habit of working with the same people, especially when projects don’t start and end at the same time, and availability doesn’t always line up.

With these challenges, an opportunity!  The Mobile App Challenge was launched to accomplish the following:

  • respond to customer requests for a mobile Inspire
  • allow team members to partner up with people they don’t normally work with
  • increase Mutually Human’s expertise with mobile platforms


  • do all of this without taking away from client time.

The project is voluntary and takes place after working hours.  However, teams reaching completion by September 17th will receive reward money.  The heat is on!

Now, meet The Team and find out why they’re participating.


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