Day 2: Chris + Sung, Android Interface Meeting

Last night, Chris and Sung met at the Meanwhile to discuss the interface for their Android app.  There’s a little more pressure on them because the actual customer request for a mobile Inspire app came from an Android user.

Being that neither Sung nor Chris are Android users, they had to spend some time studying Android’s design patterns to determine a layout that would make the most sense to an Android user.  By the end of the night they had notecard comps of the contact list and log-in page with a few housekeeping features.

Soon the sun set and there were no lights nearby on the deck.  I found the setting on the camera that allows me to shoot in extremely low light even after I’ve cranked the ISO all the way up.  Unfortunately I didn’t find this setting until three seconds after Chris and Sung had finished explaining their night to me.  Basically what I’m saying is, enjoy the last minute of cinematography.  I’ve included plenty of freeze frames so you can see what they’re referring to.


Some artifacts from their night:


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